Sonoma Forge Adds Foot Washes to WaterBridge Line

Six new fixtures bring convenience and rustic industrial style to residential and resort exteriors.

(Petaluma, CA, Feb 1, 2024) Sonoma Forge, manufacturer of hand-forged bath fixtures inspired by humble plumbing parts, has added six Foot Wash fixtures to its WaterBridge collection. Well-suited for homes and resorts in warm climates, particularly those near the beach, the foot washes provide convenience while lending rustic industrial styling to the exterior.

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Sonoma Forge Adds Prep Faucet to Brut Collection

The new swivel-spout combines with industrial design to bring functionality and rustic style to bar and prep sink area

(Petaluma, CA, November 29, 2023) Sonoma Forge, manufacturer of hand-forged kitchen and bath fixtures has expanded its Brut Collection with a bar/prep faucet featuring an elbow spout. Like the company’s other fixtures, Brut is hand-forged in the likeness of humble industrial elements. The restrained design softens the rough edges of raw plumbing parts with elegance and ease. In doing so, the new prep faucet along with the entire Brut Collection pays homage to the Sonoma Forge heritage and its Sonoma Valley vineyard surroundings, where hardworking days end with a rewarding glass of sparkling wine or cup of tea.
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Sonoma Forge Expands WingNut Series with Bar Faucet

Rustic yet contemporary, WingNut elevates the humble bar or prep sink

(Petaluma, CA, September 14, 2023) Sonoma Forge, manufacturer of hand-forged bath and kitchen fixtures, offers a bar faucet option for its popular WingNut series, expanding on the design’s versatility beyond the kitchen and bath to dining rooms, rec rooms, and outdoor spaces with prep or bar sink areas. Like the company’s other fixtures, WingNut elevates humble industrial elements to designer status. The faucets feature gracefully arched paddle handles flanking a deep square spout with a flared end reminiscent of metal piping.
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Sonoma Forge’s Thermostatic Shower System Now Available in the Popular WherEver Collection

Customizable system combines WherEver’s concealed clean look with premium wellness

(Petaluma, CA, June 20, 2023) Sonoma Forge now offers its Thermostatic Shower System as part of the iconic WherEver Collection. The pairing merges the clean rustic styling of the customizable WherEver Collection with the safety and wellness benefits of the company’s thermostatic shower systems.
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Outdoor Shower Wins Sonoma Forge’s Semi-Annual Photo Contest

Gramercy Design uses rustic WaterBridge shower to add the ideal touch to coastal home while showcasing the brand’s industrial vibes and perfectly aged patina

(Petaluma, CA, March 14, 2023) The handcrafted artisanship and unique industrial design of Sonoma Forge’s bath and kitchen fixtures has come to life through the entries in the manufacturer’s semi-annual photo/design contest. Designers, architects, and customers showcased their projects featuring Sonoma Forge shower systems, faucets, and tub fillers, with entries ranging from a rustic-yet-exotic powder room to a luxurious contemporary master bath to an elegant transitional kitchen. Kyle O’Donnell, founder of Gramercy Design in New York, won the first of two contests in 2023, in recognition of an outdoor shower he completed in The Hamptons.
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Sonoma Forge’s Custom Showers Bring Tremendous Design Flexibility

Hand-forged in the USA, Sonoma Forge’s industrial-style showers offer distinctive styling along with the versatility to overcome any size, space, or aesthetic challenge

(Petaluma, CA, November 22, 2022) Sonoma Forge, whose hand-forged bath fixtures elevate humble plumbing elements to designer status, continues to push boundaries with custom showers that meet the diverse needs of designers and their discerning clientele. The manufacturer’s WaterBridge showers can be modified for height, width, mounting style, and functionality to accommodate project challenges or to simply elevate a bath space in unique ways.

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Sonoma Forge Enhances Design of Popular Roman Tub Filler

From the industrial-style WaterBridge Collection, the new floor-mounted tub filler needs only a single diverter for the spout and accompanying hand shower

(Petaluma, CA, August 2, 2022) Sonoma Forge bath fixtures, known for elevating humble plumbing parts such as copper tees, elbows, and simple pipe to lofty designer status, has enhanced the design of its WaterBridge Roman Tub Filler with attached hand shower.

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Sonoma Forge Adds Contemporary Option for Thermostatic Showers

Clean-lined showerheads and hand wands add a modern edge to industrial-style exposed shower systems

(Petaluma, CA, March 24, 2022) Sonoma Forge is expanding on its popular Thermostatic Exposed Shower System. The thermostatic showers are beloved by consumers and designers, combining an industrial appeal with the safety and convenience of set-it-and-forget-it temperature control. Designers can now specify thermostatic showers with a more contemporary look, pairing the standard shower with a sleeker rainhead or a more modern hand wand.
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Sonoma Forge Expands Iconic WaterBridge Faucet with Matte Black Finish

The trending finish is available on wall-mount lavs with waterfall spout

(Petaluma, CA, December 7, 2021) Twenty years ago, Sonoma Forge elevated humble plumbing parts to design status with the introduction of its WaterBridge Collection. Over the years, the line has continued to grow while responding to market trends. That tradition continues with the addition of a Matte Black finish for the WaterBridge Wall-Mount Lav faucet with Waterfall Spout.

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Sonoma Forge Offers Range of Coordinating Drains

Shower, lavatory, and kitchen drains continue the rustic, industrial feel of the manufacturer’s classic product lines

(Petaluma, CA, July 22, 2021) Sonoma Forge is renowned for its industrial-inspired faucets and fixtures that are hand-forged to create a beautifully raw and rustic effect. Because coordinating accessories are essential for completing their coveted trademark look, the company presents a selection of coordinating drains for the kitchen and bath. While emulating Sonoma Forge’s aesthetic, the drains were designed to retain functionality and performance. Plus, the products are available in custom finishes to coordinate with the company’s unique faucets.

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Sonoma Forge’s Popular Exposed Shower Systems Evolved for Improved Outdoor Use

An array of accessories and upgrades make it easy to create a perfectly personalized outdoor shower

(Petaluma, CA, March 11, 2021) Sonoma Forge, known for its handcrafted and artisan-assembled fittings, has made its popular WaterBridge Exposed Shower Systems even more functional and ergonomic for outdoor use. While reflecting Sonoma Forge’s signature durability and rustic style, the handcrafted product, including a Swiveling Rainhead, Hand Shower, Footwash, as well as Euro-Connect handle and accessories, were designed to perfectly coordinate with the system, while offering the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

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Sonoma Forge Expands Bathroom Accessories Collection to Include Cabinet Hardware

Comprehensive accessories collection includes thoughtful, functional details alongside striking good looks

(Petaluma, CA, October 13, 2020) Sonoma Forge has introduced a new series of cabinet hardware pulls that seamlessly carries over the quintessential industrial-style aesthetic of the company’s extensive line of accessories. But just as important as eye-catching looks are well-thought-out details that provide optimal functionality and a streamlined, coordinated appearance.

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Touchless Hand Washing Helps Hygiene and Overall Health

Sonoma Forge’s Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology helps reduce the spread of disease and bacteria while washing hands

(Petaluma, CA, May 5, 2020) We know that washing our hands is the most effective way to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases such as COVID-19. But hands-free hand washing can even further reduce the spread of harmful germs that can make us sick. Bacteria and viruses can linger on faucet handles for days, where they can easily be picked up when turning the water on and off. Sonoma Forge’s Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology eliminates the need to touch the faucet handles, thereby eliminating the transfer of harmful pathogens from turning on and off a traditional faucet. With no visible sensors, Sans Hands faucets help to keep homeowners, as well as those in hospitality and commercial settings, safe and healthy.

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Sonoma Forge Expands Finish Options For Industrial-Yet-Modern Strap Lavatory Faucets

Inspired by humble U-bolt fasteners, the Strap delivers strength and simplicity for a sleek, urban vibe

(Petaluma, CA, January 21, 2020) Sonoma Forge once again transforms the humble and utilitarian into the artistic and functional with its Strap lavatory faucet collection. With handles and a spout evoking the look of a cylinder inserted into the yolk of a common U-bolt fastener, the Strap offers an industrial-yet-modern aesthetic. The juxtaposition of curves atop solid square bases amplifies the contemporary feel. The Strap is now available in several mono finishes, for a softer, sleeker look, or with the original split finish with a more robust, muscular feel.

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Sonoma Forge’s Industrial Chic Faucets Help Beautify Aging Tahoe Lake House Resort


With four of the maker’s popular industrial-style bath collections, Villa Harrah is transformed into a luxurious vacation home befitting of its Hollywood past

(Petaluma, CA, July 31, 2019) With their signature “industrial chic” look, Sonoma Forge faucets help create a fresh new identity for an aging lakeside vacation home. Once a hideaway where Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. relaxed between performances at nearby Harrah’s casino, Villa Harrah got a top-to-bottom makeover from Solanna Design, LLC. The timeless new look blends clean lines and modern materials with a touch of industrial chic—the signature look of Sonoma Forge’s handcrafted forged metal faucets.

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